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Research Screening Tool Options Here and Online

FileR.J. Gillespie ACES Screening Tool and Parent Letter
File shell scriptR.J. Gillespie ACES Screening Tool and Parent Letter (Spanish)
File RealAudio documentResiliency Tool Order Form
American Academy of Pediatrics: Clinical Assessment Tools
ACEs info and Resilience Questionnaire (Mark Rains and Kate McClinn, et. al.)
Pediatric ACEs and Related Life-event Screener (Pearls)
The Pediatric ACEs and Related Life-events Screener (PEARLS) was developed by the Bay Area Research Consortium on Toxic Stress and Health (BARC), a partnership between the Center for Youth Wellness, UCSF Benioff Children’s Oakland, and the Adversity Bio-Core (ABC) Bank at the UCSF School of Medicine and Pharmacy. The tool was designed to identify exposure to childhood adversity and events that may increase a child’s risk for toxic stress and negative health outcomes. The PEARLS tool is currently being vetted by the CA Department of Health Care Services, and we will notify all NPPC members as soon as it is released. If you are not already an NPPC member, please click “Join” at the top of this page.
FilePEARLS Screening Tool
PLEASE DO NOT ALTER THIS TOOL! Koita K, Long D, Hessler D, Benson M, Daley K, Bucci M, et al. (2018) Development and implementation of a pediatric adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and other determinants of health questionnaire in the pediatric medical home: A pilot study. PLoS ONE 13(12): e0208088.