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Diagnosis and Management of ADHD Conference Call Archive (Idaho)

Conference calls begin April 2015.
ADHD and Schools (April 2015)
OBJECTIVE: To inform medical providers how schools address learning and behavioral needs of  students with attention issues; to educate providers on the Response To Intervention (RTI), Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and 504 process and plans; and to highlight how schools and school nurses can facilitate communication between providers and educators, and demonstrate how schools can assist medical providers with diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up concerns.
Medicaid Potpourri (May 2015)
OBJECTIVE - to provide information about the amount of money and number of claims Idaho Medicaid spends on ADHD medications; to compare and contrast the different extended release formulations of stimulants used to treat ADHD, and to educate providers on which services are covered by Medicaid.
" I have this kid..." - Case Studies (June 2015)
OBJECTIVE: To improve success in medication management of ADHD patients by discussion of challenging cases that highlight management principles; and to discuss the management of adverse medication effects and comorbid conditions.
Sleep and Nutrition for Children with ADHD (July 2015)
OBJECTIVES: To explain the connection between to the poor sleep and behavioral and psychiatric abnormalities to the parents; to screen patients with ADHD for sleep disorders; to provide advice on healthy sleep habits for children with behavior problems and ADHD; to provide education on dietary elimination and supplement strategies used for ADHD; and to improve knowledge on current recommendations regarding nutritional management of ADHD
(August 2015) ADHD: Practical Behavioral Interventions
OBJECTIVE: To review DSM V criteria updates for ADHD; and to review behavioral strategies for home and school to help with ADHD symptoms, using specific executive functioning tasks as a guide.
(September 2015) Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Management of ADHD