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Preventing Childhood Obesity Conference Call Archive (Idaho)

The monthly conference call presentations are available here. If the webinar was recorded, link will be listed below the PowerPoint slides.
Promoting Health Behavior Change in Children - Motivational Interviewing (May 2014)
Motivational interviewing strategies and techniques will be reviewed. Case studies and recommendations for ways to promote behavior changes within families.
Diabetes (June 2014)
Identify risk factors for families and kids; discuss treatment options and appropriate referral. Address medication, nutrition and physical activity recommendations.
Wide World of Nutrition (July 2014)
Define healthy eating, discuss evidence-based guidelines for pediatric obesity, components of a dietitian visit, strategies for common barriers, messages for families.
Community Resources and Partnerships (August 2014)
Provide community resources and ways to utilize organizations to promote healthy living and activity. Spotlight partnerships in participant areas and also touch on wellness in Idaho schools.
Hypertension (September 2014)
Weigh-In: Talking to Your Children and Weight and Health (October 2014)
Provide tips and tools to navigate the task of talking with children about overweight and obesity in ways that are factual, practical, and caring. Review a conversational guide for parents and caregivers of children.